Top Digital Marketing Trends 2016 That No One Will Tell You


You must have read a dozen articles on this topic but the rage still remains and we are constantly looking out for emerging trends and technologies. So here’s a mid-year review of the digital marketing trends of 2016. As we are well within the year, we have seen what the expectations from the year were and how the digital world has responded to those, thus making it apt for a review.

1. The rise of the Chief Marketing Technologist

One of the big trends in marketing is amalgamation of IT and Sales to give rise to Marketing Technology or Martech. Since the dependency of marketing functions on technology is increasing incredibly, selecting the most relevant Martech from the increasingly complex Marketing Technology landscape is a major challenge hence the need of a Chief Marketing technologist.

2. The big challenge of integrating the digital and traditional marketing

This is perhaps the most talked about thing in the marketing parlance now a days with every CMO talking and claiming to be doing it, but there is still plenty of room for improvement with only handful of companies satisfied with their level of integration across digital and traditional communications.
This is a challenge which many businesses are trying to meet. The biggest lacking in reaching an integrated marketing level is lack of an integrated thinking and planning. As companies have separate traditional marketing and digital marketing teams working independently with their own agendas there is hardly any collaborative thinking happening and thus the integrated marketing scenario is still far from being achieved for most of them.

3. Increasing Mobile Usage

This have been one of the items in the marketing trends lists for last few years and will continue to be for next few years till the smart phones completely replaces the home computer from our lives and believe me, the day is not too far.

4. Data driven Marketing

With the explosion of data sensors around us and advent of tremendous processing capabilities with Big Data, data driven marketing will flourish more with more accurate and variety of data available. The variety and precision will help make intelligent business decisions and market products to the right person and the right place and the right time.

5. Search and e-commerce to go beyond Google

Imagine searching something on Facebook and buying on twitter. How great is that. At the moment Facebook is working on a test for their own search engine, which will result in stronger search capabilities within social media. Brands will have a stronger search capability integrated with boosting.
Companies will be able to interact with customers, buying, receiving order notifications and share your new purchase with friends and get their views on it through Facebook messenger app.

6. Snapchat: Advertisements with an expiration date

Snapchat is the new hot thing in the social media market and taking the social media world by storm. If you have never heard of Snapchat, it is a video/photo messaging app that allows users to take pictures, record videos, add text to images and send them to one of their contacts but this content has an expiration time.
Very few brands have embraced Snapchat as a marketing medium as of now, but 2016 will see it happening. It will be hard to ignore it. The hook is the time limit to content and the expiration date. Lot of marketing content will be created with a short life span targeting a specific audience and which will disappear after some time. This will ensure less digital garbage and create space for new trend in marketing.

7. Paid advertising through Instagram

With the death of organic reach and advent of paid marketing on facebook, instagram is the next to follow suit. It is already offering paid advertising to selected brands and 2016 is sure to see this to be available to each and everyone on the platform. Being a completely visual based platform, it will sure to be highly effective and the fight for paid online advertising is sure to get intensied.

What you think on it? Have you started following these trends or you have any to share with us? 

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