SEO Predictions for 2017 – What Experts Say


2017 is around the corner and the countdown has begun.
But wait, are you prepared to welcome 2017? Have you done with your digital marketing strategy for 2017. Not now? Don’t worry!
Here in this article we are sharing SEO prediction for 2017 by the top 20 experts that will help you to set your strategy.

1. Drew Hendricks

DrewThe longer and more informative the content the better. Everyone shoots for the 700 word range but these days you want 2,000+ words to really get your content to stick.

2. Adam Connell

adamAs mobile searches continue to increase, I reckon we’ll see page loading times become a slightly more significant ranking factor. The good news is that hosting technology is getting better, and leveraging Google AMP to accelerate mobile loading times is easier than.

3. Ben Wynkoop

BenIn the near future voice search will compete with text search and making a big prediction, in the distant future it will be all around us. When voice control and search evolves to serve as a proper personal assistant it will be in your car, all around your house similar to Amazon Echo, and become so useful that smart homes will become the norm.

4. Danny Dover

DannyThe affect on marketers will be that they need to stop relying on specific individual optimizations (like H1s or Alt Text) and they will need to start working on greater, more valuable pieces of content that are optimized for how humans (and subsequently computers) interpret, comprehend and learn from and share information online.

5. Dave Schneider

DaveAt the end of the day I still think link building, typically the kind acquired through outreach + content marketing, is the most effective way to improve your ranking, and I don’t expect that to change anytime soon.

6. David Leonhardt

DavidSocial gets more important in the SERPS. Google still hasn’t given up on Google Plus, and now it has another reason to hold on. Microsoft is now in the social media game, having purchased LinkedIn (which also owns SlideShare). And Twitter has been bought by…hold on, we’ll have to wait to see, Apple, perhaps? So watch for more social media integration.

7. Eric Enge


Because of the prior point, AMP will gain a growing amount of attention as a way to speed up mobile performance.

8. Gabriella Sannino


Global is all well and good, but local is where the real action is at. People usually look to find if an international company has a local office. If you’re an international company, you need to have your locations separated out and clear as to where they are. No more, “oh yeah, and we’re also in…” Local citations are strong signals, and important for local rank as well as mobile rank.

9. Garth O’Brien


Chasing Featured Snippets is going to explode in 2017. Many have overlooked this new feature and they are already paying for it. When Google removed the right rail ads and injected a fourth Paid ad placement pushing Organic down a spot we all were impacted. Earning the coveted Featured Snippet is a firehose of traffic and help off-set any loss from the new Paid ads placement.

10. Harris Schachter


SEO trend which will happen is a resurgence of technical SEO. As more sites move to advanced technologies like Angular JS and other methods which allow pre-rendering, super fast load times, and app-like websites, it will be extremely important to ensure these new implementations are search-friendly.

11. Jayson DeMers

JaysonMobile optimization will become non-optional. Mobile optimization is already extremely important, but by 2017 it won’t be optional anymore – not having a properly-displaying website on mobile devices will significantly imperil any SEO efforts.

12. Jeremy Rivera

JeremyGoogle provides goodies to websites that take extra steps. If you don’t have Schema, Json-ltd and AMP you are missing out. Keep your eyes peeled for more stuff like that from the big G.

13. Marcus Miller


Organic SEO is maturing and that means more brands, more ads and more competition. Search engines are everywhere and the younger generations have never known a world without search. From voice search to the integration of search with even more of our life ensuring you have SEO considerations in your marketing plan will become ever more important in 2017 and beyond.

14. Andy Crestodina

AndyGoogle will continue to evolve into a semantic search engine, which means that smart marketers will focus on topics, not just keywords. It’s called semantic SEO. They key is to find and use all the words and phrases related to your primary phrase, thereby spreading out your content across the broader topic.

15. Michael Cottam

michael 1while webmasters have been implementing for quite some time now, Google has really only been using it to extract rich snippets (like ratings stars, breadcrumbs, price and availability, event dates, etc.) for the search results. They’ve done a little work with schema for the Knowledge Graph as well, but for most non-brand queries, schema markup isn’t really having that much effect. I’m expecting that Google will start using schema markup both as a site quality and richness indicator (i.e., affecting rankings), and for creating carousel-like results for certain searches, with Knowledge Graph-like summary data on each result in the list.

16. Michael Yurechko

michael 2Google has been testing new layouts and styles for Adwords ads, making them look more and more like organic search results and blending them into the page above & below organic results. It’s going to be more important than ever to properly craft enticing titles & meta descriptions to stand out, as well as utilizing all relevant Schema markup on your sites to get a CTR advantage over your competitors.

17. Oleg Korneitchouk


Websites that cover specific topics in depth – with multiple articles supporting the topics – will rank better than those with a more mixed theme to their content. A site that dedicates many pages to a topic will tend to have more useful information for the searcher.

18. Steve Wiideman

steveThere is a lot of spam and browser-emulators performing queries and skewing search volume data. Authenticity could start to be validated through bio-metrics (fingerprint login for example) and may feed into search engine rankings as a small signal, particularly when search engines ask “was this a good result?” for users who login to Google via fingerprint. This will likely start with local search, since NFC can be validated and because beacons don’t lie. SEOs practicing grey or black hat techniques will need to shift toward content marketing and influencer marketing strategies.

19. Tom Bourlet

tomWe are starting to notice apps in SERPs; however, I am honestly astonished about the lack of SEO work produced on the apps for big companies at the moment. Tricks such as deep linking are really not being utilized to their full potential; however, this should change during 2017.

20. Tor Refsland

TorYou don´t need to be able to look into the future in order to understand that video is taking more and more over compared to text and only audio.
Video is a great way to create engagement, show people that you are a real person and show your personality. Usually a great video will outperform an equally great blog post ranking for the same keyword.



We’d love to hear your views on these tips, and your SEO predictions for 2017 and beyond. Please share in the comments below.

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