How To Write A Clickable Search Ad Copy

How to write a clickable search ad

Content creation is a key part of a marketer’s daily life. One should be imaginative and compact with his writing to draw attention. And it becomes even more challenging when you have a limited space. Creating a clickable ad copy is comparably tough because you have to put all your creative writing efforts in limited characters about what you offer.

So how would you emerge in only a couple words?

Here I have assembled a rundown of best practices that will help you support your promotion execution in a matter of seconds.
What is a Search Ad?

Search ads are advertisements that show up when a potential client scans for your item (or related thing) in a search result. They are little bits of content that sit right above or beneath the top-positioned results. If you’ve ever looked for something on Google, you must have seen something like this:

search ad result in google



A normal search ad contains a heading, a link, and a short description of the offer the website is making:

Headline: The title that depicts your organization or product

Display URL: This is the URL where this ad would lead the user to.

Description: The ad copy where you describe your offers, product or services.

url title metadescription keyword in Search ads

Since there’s a limited amount of space in every ad copy, it’s significant to use it wisely. Here are the official character limits by Google:

Title: 25 characters

Display URL: 35 characters appeared (255 characters complete)

Description: 35 characters for each line


Lets discuss a few tips for composing quality ad copy to make it click worthy:

1) Highlight your brand with USP (Unique Selling Property)

To make your brand stand out between the crowd of many brands, you have to offer your audience something unique. Like you deliver worldwide, free shipping, 24/7 customer support or whatever you offer specify it in your ad copy.

2) Promote Special offer in your search Ads

By including your special offer you can make your visitors more likely to click. Lets say you offer free trial, X% discount on some of your products, seasonal offers or discounts etc. These components help grab your potential customers attention

3) Compelling CTA (Call to Action)

The sole purpose to run advertisement on search engine is to encourage potential customer to take action. Whether it’s filling out a form, starting a free trial, or ordering now, download your app, enquire about your product or so on. Try to use actionable words in your ad.

4) Use at least one Keyword in your ad

Using a keyword in your ad copy can help customers who are looking for a product that your industry sells. When a customer searches for that keyword, it will appear bold in the ad.

5) Match your ad copy to the landing page

As advertisers, we know the significance of having awesome landing page. Whatever you are offering in your search ad, should be mentioned there on your landing page. If you are actually not giving any free trial or free ebook, don’t write it in your ad copy. False offering or promises can spoil your brand image.

6) Optimize for mobile

If your customers sees your ad on mobile, there are chances that they will take some action – either call you or want to know your physical address. You can use call or location extensions while optimizing ads for mobile. You can also adjust your mobile bid to get better results.

7) Watch the competition

Today almost every brand is using search advertising. So its not tough to find your competitors. While analyzing you can find out their ad writing style, landing pages, the keywords they are ranking on, etc.
A very powerful tool called keywordspy makes this task easy. Using this tool you can review several competitors and build your strategy to differentiate your business from all the competitors.

8) Check for spelling and grammatical errors

If you want to avoid searcher’s negative impression, double or triple check your ads for spelling, grammar or punctuation mistakes. Single grammatical mistake can destroy your brand credibility. And if you violate AdWords policies, your ad will never even get approved.

9) Experiment with your copy

Just like we experiment with our webpages, emails subject line or content, it’s important to do experiment with our ads. You can experiment with CTAs, language, offers, or keyword usage. If you are not sure what experiments to try, add some new keywords, new ad copies, tweak your existing ads by changing order of words and adding punctuation. This test can help you to create most effective and relevant ads.


I hope these tips will guide you to create ads that your customers love to click.
Have any suggestions we might have missed? Let us know in the comments section below.

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