How to Successfully Market on Social Media Without Annoying People

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Marketing successfully on social media is a lost art form.

If you are struggling to market your blog or business on Facebook you may be tempted to just throw money at the problem through poorly planned out paid advertising campaigns.

This is not the answer because a spammy or poorly thought through ad usually agitates social media users.

Spamming your links in machine gun fashion or using direct messages to pitch users before building authentic relationships are 2 surefire ways to both annoy the stuffing out of people and to get blocked on social media.

Stop being so desperate.

Start prospering.

You can market successfully on social media without driving people crazy by following 4 simple, powerful tips.

1. Less Links More Text


Social media users are linked blind to people who never publish a text only updates.

Stop selling endlessly. Stop solely pushing your latest blog posts. Work in a handful of text only updates to increase engagement and to market successfully on social media.

Tweeting or Facebook Sharing links all day long turns followers off because no normal, authentic human being talks about their blog or business all day long. Show that you have a life. Publish updates related to your offline life. Let your personality out. Share your hobbies outside of business.

Publish questions to hit your reader’s pain points. Share answers to help out your friend network.

Sending out text-only updates and pulling back on publishing link-only updates creates more engagement by putting the ball in your friend’s court. This is the intelligent way to market any online business; lighten up on the links to be less about business and more about sharing your offline life and solving your friend’s problems.

2. Mix Auto and Manual

Mix automated updates with manual updates to find the proper marketing balance on social media.

You will turn off social media friends and followers by solely relying on automated updates. Nobody likes a cyborg. Nobody can connect on a deeper level with a robot.

If you pepper in manual updates by spending 5 to 20 minutes daily interacting via manual, 1 to 1 engagements you will gain the trust of your followers and will draw in new followers versus repelling other social media users.

I stop by my social media profiles at least once daily to respond to fellow users, to Like or Retweet a few of my friend’s updates and to ask questions of my social media network to be helpful.

Automating is OK but remind friends you are not a bot. Engage manually to build bonds, to gain trust and so you don’t annoy the heck out of your friend network.

Work off of this helpful ratio: publish 2 manual updates for every automated update you publish.

3. Less Hype More Hope

Using hype to market your business on social media is so 2005.

Making big, bold income claims, writing in all capital letters and including enough exclamation points and question marks to make your head spin only turns off prospective customers and clients.

Market with integrity. Let go fear-based, hyped-out marketing practices. Give your social media buddies hope by pressing on their pain points and providing a benefits-based, helpful solution to their most serious problems.

Visualize yourself in your ideal customer’s shoes to market with compassion. See the world through their eyes. Don’t manipulate them with hype. Empower them with hope.

I market with integrity by letting my heart and not my head lead me whenever I am sharing a blog post, product link or text update on social media. I never try to scare folks into buying something. I intend to help them see how they can bridge the gap from pain to pleasure by sharing what I have to offer.

4. Build Authentic 1 to 1 Bonds


Almost all forms of annoyance on social involve an obsession with either mass blasting promotions too aggressively or using private messages to spam users your premium offering.

Avoid agitating your social media buddies. Market intelligently.

Build authentic, 1 to 1 connections.

Example; I regularly message new Twitter followers and Facebook friends to thank them for connecting with me and to ask them how they are doing. Thanking someone and asking how they are is an authentic way to build a friendship. This is the opposite of annoying; it is an engaging way to build your friend network.

When you market your latest blog post, eBook or course your authentic, personalized, pitch-free messages will inspire friends to take a greater interest in your posts and premium offerings.

Make friends on the front end by making things personal, not about business. On the back end, more and more of your friends will take a keen interest in your blog, business site, products and services.

Your Turn

How do you market on social media without agitating folks?

What tips can you add to this list?


Author Bio: 

Ryan BiddulphRyan Biddulph is a blogger, author and world traveler who’s been featured on Richard Branson’s Virgin Blog, Forbes, Fox News, Entrepreneur, Positively Positive, Life Hack, John Chow Dot Com and Neil Patel Dot Com. He has written and self-published 126 bite-sized eBooks on Amazon. Ryan can help you build a successful blog at Blogging From Paradise.

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